What does

subdivision cost?

Perth subdivision costs explained...

What is the process? And what does it cost?

With all the moving parts it can be daunting. So getting a feasibility study done can be helpful to establish not only the feasibility of a subdivision but also highlight any potential caveats that may negatively impact a subdivision. We have put together a comprehensive A – Z plan to get you ready to subdivide your property.
  1. Can you subdivide your property? Use your properties R-Code.
  2. What are the fees involved? Nobody likes surprises! See our comprehensive subdivision cost calculator.
  3. How long does the subdivision process take?
  4.  What does the process cost?
Subdividing your property is a big decision so we have broken down the process into simple steps with resources to everything you need.

1. Can my property be subdivided?

One of the most important questions is whether you can subdivide your property. To answer this question we need to look at your properties residential design code. You can find this here R Code.
Each council gives areas an R-Code, this code lets you know your residential design codes (R codes). Your R Code Map gives you a guide to the minimum square meterage required for subdivision in your area. As well as a host of other useful information about the residential design codes. Once you have your code, you can work out if it’s possible to subdivide your property. Here is a great little break down of the most common R Codes and the subdivision potential. City of Joondalup R Code Explination
Also, some extra reading if you are a developer subdividing for profit.

2. Forms and Fees

Fees will obviously differ depending on your type of subdivision. Here is a link to the WAPC forms and Fees.

3. How long does the subdivision process take?

The process is 6-9 months, this all depends on how quickly all of the WAPC conditions can be satisfied. So it makes sense to be organised and have all the research done before you even apply.

4. What does the subdivision process cost?

Every subdivision is different, so take the time to assess the feasibility of subdividing your particular block. With each block comes is own set of expenses. 
We have outlined the most common, so you can add them to your plan if they apply.
Land Surveyors fees to subdivide are in the region of $9000. This includes statutory fees such as WAPC
application fees, Landgate Lodgement fees, local Council clearance fees and Licensed Valuer fees.

Download your comprehensive  subdivision check list.

Comprehensive list of expenses to consider.

Many of these Cost may not apply, but count on the WAPC application fees.

Pump Septics

$750 – $950

Remove asbestos

$0 – $4500

Extension removal

$2500 – $4000

Remove existing carport

$2500 – $9500

WAPC application fee


Disconnect water


Connect underground power

$1300 – $7500

Western Power (Green Dome)

$1500 – $3500

Distribution Board

$1500 – $4500


$0 – $20,000

Site clearing

$2500 – $9000

Re-route sewer

$0 – $3500

Soak wells

$1500 – $9000

Store room

$800 – $2500

Alfresco area

$1500 – $6000


$1500 – $6000

Connect to deep sewer

$1500 – $9000

Colorbond fencing

$750 – $4500

Render house

$0 – $9500

Water Corp headworks fees


Alinta Energy


Survey fees

$3500 – $7500

Council development fee


New driveway

$2500 – $12,000

New Car bays

$2250 – $4500

Brick fencing

$6000 – $15,000

House demolition

$15,000 – $30,000

Disconnect power

$250 – $450

Still not sure? find out if it’s feasible before committing!

Getting a Feasibility Study done by one of our licensed surveyors means you can go ahead with confidence.

Follow the link to find out more about our feasibility study service.

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