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Perth Survey Strata

Benefits of survey strata?

If your scheme is a single-tier strata scheme which was created before the 1st of January 1998, you can take advantage of the option to change your strata scheme to a survey-strata scheme at any time.

Why should you get a survey Strata carried out on your property?

The main benefits of Survey Strata

  • All buildings situated on a lot in a survey-strata scheme are part of that lot, so the problems of common property in buildings are removed.
  • There are fewer restrictions on carrying out building alterations in a survey-strata scheme.
  • The strata company is only required to take out joint insurance of any common property in a survey-strata scheme; and
  • The unit entitlement is calculated differently to strata schemes, which may affect your rights and responsibilities in the scheme.

REady to convert to survey strata?

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