Boundary Survey (Repeg)

There are a number of reasons for carrying out a boundary survey, here are 4 of the most common.

peg out survey

A boundary survey can be requested when purchasing a new property.

A professional survey will leave you with no doubts about where your boundary. This assists with the location of new slabs and fencing.

This nullifies any disputes with neighbours in the future and saves potential cost in the future.


Professional Builders request boundary surveys before starting work to make sure of the position of the building compared to the block.

This ensures parapet walls are built within the boundaries and avoids expensive encroachments in the future.

Boundary Line Dispute

If you have any concerns that a neighbour has encroached onto your property with a fence, retaining wall. Then a repeg survey will confirm with certainty the boundaries and the improvements relative to them.

In most cases, a boundary survey is enough to resolve the boundary line dispute before moving onto expensive litigation.

New Fence Line

It is highly recommended that a repeg survey is done prior to erecting retaining walls or fences.

Over time boundaries can be blurred between neighbours and a repeg survey will avoid costly errors in the future.

Things to note:

  • The Survey can only be carried out by a licensed land surveyor with a current practising certificate.
  • A Boundary Survey can also be known as a Repeg Survey.

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