Resolving Boundary Dispute in Craigie, Perth

by | Nov 1, 2023

Introduction: The Importance of Accurate Boundary Surveys

Are you facing a property dispute with your neighbour? Getting an accurate boundary survey conducted by a licensed surveyor can be a great mediator, resolving the dispute without the need for litigation or further stressing your relationship with a neighbour. In this case study, we explore how Perth Boundary Surveys (PBS) resolved a retaining wall dispute between two neighbours in Craigie, Perth.

Boundary Line Dispute Resolution

A Boundary line dispute can be stressful and lead to resentment between neighbours and, in some cases, even lengthy legal battles and unnecessary costs.

I think we can agree a boundary dispute is something we would all like to avoid. Fortunately, this can be resolved simply with a boundary survey.

Benefits of a Boundary Survey

A Boundary Survey accurately determines property lines and can be especially useful as the land surveyor is impartial, determining the exact boundary without bias. This fact makes it a great option for both parties and appeases any concerns, bringing a swift, stress-free resolution.

The Risks of Inaccurate Boundary Surveys

Getting a boundary survey wrong can lead to legal issues and financial loss, opening you up to litigation and further straining neighbourly relations. Using an experienced, qualified land surveyor will ensure an accurate survey with no concern for future fallout.

Why PBS is Your Trusted Partner for Boundary Surveys in Craigie, Perth

With nearly 25 years of experience and led by Richard Jenkins, PBS offers state-of-the-art surveying technology, transparent and fixed pricing, and expertise that ensures accuracy every time.

Conclusion: Trust PBS for Accurate Boundary Surveys in Craigie, Perth

In summary, the case study of the retaining wall dispute in Craigie underscores the importance of accurate boundary surveys. PBS provides the expertise, technology, and experience to resolve such disputes effectively and amicably.

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