Repeg Survey in Piesse Brook: Ensuring Boundary Regulations for New Shed Construction

by | Jul 9, 2024

At Perth Boundary Surveys (PBS), we recently conducted a repeg survey for a client in Piesse Brook. The client needed precise boundary measurements to construct a new shed close to the property line.

The Client’s Requirement

The client planned to build a shed near the boundary and needed to ensure it adhered to all local regulations and did not encroach on neighbouring properties. Accurate boundary markings were essential to avoid any future legal issues.

Our Methodology

Our team began by reviewing existing property documents and performing a detailed on-site survey. Using state-of-the-art surveying equipment, we accurately re-established the boundary pegs and clearly marked the limits of the property.

Piesse Brook: Boundary Repeg for New Shed Construction
Piesse Brook: Boundary Repeg for New Shed Construction

The Outcome

The repeg survey provided the client with the exact boundary lines, enabling them to proceed with the shed construction confidently. The precise measurements ensured compliance with local regulations and prevented any potential boundary disputes.

Why Choose PBS?

Perth Boundary Surveys is committed to providing reliable and accurate surveying services. Our expertise in repeg surveys ensures qualified professional service and advice, giving you peace of mind in a job done right.

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