Repeg Survey in Gingin: Preparing for New Fencing

by | Jul 10, 2024

At Perth Boundary Surveys (PBS), we recently completed a repeg survey for a client in Gingin who needed to erect new fencing around their property. This survey ensured the new fence was correctly positioned along the property boundaries.

The Client’s Need

The client wanted to install new fencing and required accurate boundary markers to avoid encroachment and ensure compliance with local regulations.

Our Process

Our team of licensed surveyors reviewed existing property documents and conducted a detailed on-site survey. Using advanced equipment, we re-established the boundary pegs, clearly marking the property limits for the fencing project.

Repeg Survey in Gingin: Preparing for New Fencing
Repeg Survey in Gingin: Preparing for New Fencing

The Result

The repeg survey provided the client with precise boundary lines, enabling them to proceed confidently with their fencing installation. This accuracy helped prevent future boundary disputes and ensured compliance with regulations.

Why Choose PBS?

Perth Boundary Surveys is committed to providing accurate and reliable surveying services. Our expertise in boundary repeg surveys ensures that your property developments are built on a solid foundation of precise measurements.

Regpeg or boundary Survey? We make the process simple and accurate! 

With over 20 years experience, PBS are Perth’s prefered land surveyors.