Maximizing Property Value in Alexander Heights with Built Strata Survey

by | Mar 5, 2024

Transform Your Property Investment

A property owner in Alexander Heights contacted PBS to conduct a Built Strata Survey. The property owner wanted individual titles for the two units on their property. The owner intended to sell the properties separately, and the survey would make this possible.

The Benefits of Built Strata Survey

A Built Strata Survey facilitated the subdivision of a single property title into multiple, individually titled units, offering benefits such as:

  • Increased Property Value: Individual titles can boost the market value of each unit.
  • Selling Flexibility: Owners gain the ability to sell units separately, reaching a wider market.
  • Simplified Financing: Separate titles offer more accessible financing options for buyers and investors.

See our page on Survey Strata if you have more questions.

Why get a Built Strata Survey

Multi-unit properties have a golden opportunity to enhance their investment’s value and flexibility through Built Strata Surveys. This specialised service is a game-changer for those wishing to obtain individual titles for each unit on their property, paving the way for separate sales or financing options.

The Outcome of the Survey

PBS completed the survey and made it possible for the owner to sell the properties separately with their own individual property titles

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