Identification Survey in Queens Park: Ensuring No Encroachments for a New Homeowner

by | Jul 9, 2024

At Perth Boundary Surveys (PBS), we recently conducted an identification survey for a client who had purchased a property in Queens Park. This survey was crucial to confirm there were no encroachments on the newly acquired property.

The Client’s Concern

The client wanted to ensure the boundaries of their new property were accurate and free from any unauthorized encroachments by neighbouring structures. This step was vital to avoid potential legal disputes and to confidently plan future developments on the property.

Our Approach

PBS thoroughly reviewed the property, using advanced equipment to measure and verify the boundary lines accurately. We compared the on-site data with existing property records to ensure consistency and precision.

Identification Survey in Queens Park
Identification Survey in Queens Park

The Result

The identification survey confirmed that the property’s boundaries were clear of encroachments. The client received a detailed report, giving them peace of mind and a clear understanding of their property’s limits.

Why Trust PBS?

Perth Boundary Surveys offers reliable and precise surveying services. Our identification surveys are designed to protect property investments and provide clarity on boundary issues.

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