Heathridge Subdivision Survey

by | Nov 1, 2018

Heathridge Subdivision Survey

Heath Ridge Subdivision Survey

A customer requested a feasibility consultation on his property in Heath Ridge, Perth. This is the clients’ investment property and wanted to explore the potential of the block before undertaking a subdivision. We undertook a Survey Strata and established that the block exceeded the councils minimum requirements for Subdivision in Heathridge as per the R20/30 zone code. The minimum requirements being 600m².

We determined that we could maintain the existing house at the front and create a feasible block at the back.

This was a panhandle subdivision and can be undertaken without any major water or sewerage lines being moved.

Date Requested

Requested Feasibility Strata Survey on the 27 July 2018

Date of Survey

Survey conducted and signed off on the 29 July 2018

Date of Logged

Logged and paid fees on behalf of property owner 30 July 2018.

Date of approval

Landgate approved the survey on the 31 July 2018.

Type of Survey

Survey Strata for the feasibility of block subdivision.

Property Code

Heathridge is zoned R20/30

Minium Requirment for Subdivision

Requires a minimum land size of 600m² to be subdivided into 2 lots.

Lot Size


Subdivided lots

507m² Front
261m² Back
61m² Driveway

Does Property Meet Subdivision Requirements?


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