Case Study: Repeg Survey for Pool Installation in Mindarie

by | Jun 30, 2023


Perth Boundary Surveys, an established surveying company specialising in cadastral surveys. We were recently commissioned to conduct a repeg survey in the coastal suburb of Mindarie, Perth, Western Australia. The client was keen to install a swimming pool in their residential property and required an updated and accurate boundary survey before beginning construction.

Mindarie Context

Mindarie is an outer coastal suburb of Perth, characterised by its stunning views, sandy soil, and a predominantly rocky limestone subsurface. The area is highly valued for its environmental aesthetics and residential tranquility, necessitating a thorough consideration of environmental, legal, and physical conditions for any development project.

Project Scope

The key objective of the repeg survey was to accurately establish the boundary positions of the property for the proposed pool’s positioning. The project required specific consideration of local regulations, environmental impact, structural implications, and community standards in Mindarie.

Legal Considerations

In Western Australia, residential pool installations require adherence to the Western Australian Building Act 2011, particularly in relation to the siting of pools. The repeg survey was instrumental in providing precise measurements for the proposed pool’s distance from the boundary and any other structures. This ensured compliance with statutory clearances and potential future ease of access for maintenance and safety reasons.

Environmental Considerations

In addition to the legal requirements, the surveyors had to account for Mindarie’s unique environmental features. The suburb’s limestone substrate, while providing a solid foundation, also complicates excavation processes. Furthermore, being a coastal area, considerations about potential saltwater intrusion and its impact on the structural integrity of the pool were paramount. The survey data gathered would guide the client and their builders on the optimal pool location and construction techniques.

Community Impact

The owner needed to be mindful of the neighbourhood character and how the pool installation might impact this. Mindarie is known for its well-maintained residential landscapes. Therefore, positioning the pool in a manner that would maintain the suburb’s visual aesthetics, minimising potential disruption to neighbours’ views.


Following the successful completion of the repeg survey, Perth Boundary Surveys presented a comprehensive report to the client. This document provided clear boundary demarcations, potential pool sites that adhered to legal requirements, and advice on addressing environmental and community impact factors. We then submitted this to Landgate on the clients behalf.


This case demonstrates the importance of accurate and professional boundary surveys in planning property modifications, like pool installations, particularly in distinctive locations like Mindarie. As a result of Perth Boundary Surveys’ work, the client could proceed with their project confidently, knowing they were legally compliant, environmentally considerate, and mindful of their community’s values.

The repeg survey conducted in Mindarie underlines the value of careful, thorough surveying work in ensuring successful, compliant, and community-friendly development projects.

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