Bullsbrook Repeg Survey: Ensuring Precision in Property Boundaries

by | Mar 5, 2024

The Problem

New Fence Line

A landowner in Bullsbrook requested that PBS undertake a repeg survey as they were planning to install new fencing and wanted to ensure they had the correct boundary for the the fence line.


Understand Property Lines

This specialised survey accurately determines the boundary corners of a property, ensuring the new fencing is constructed precisely where it should be. Getting a professional surveyors to conduct the repeg survey not only avoids disputes with neighbors but also ensures compliance with local regulations.


Accurate Boundary Repeg Survey

Using the latest surveying technology PBS professionals provided the property owners with an accurate repeg survey so that they could install the new fence with confidence.

This service is crucial for anyone looking to define their property lines clearly and accurately before undertaking any boundary-related enhancements or constructions. If you need to know the boundary line of your property, contact PBS today on 0408 901 877

Regpeg or boundary Survey? We make the process simple and accurate! 

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